Crisis of citizenship and migration? African mobilities in a globalised world

DGV-Conference Marburg 2015


28. Crisis of citizenship and migration? African mobilities in a globalised world


RG Afrika (Tilo Grätz and Michaela Pelican),


This workshop aims at discussing the effects of global migration and mobility regimes on the prospects of African mobilities by bringing together analyses that focus on South-North and South-South migration.

As Peter Geschiere (2009) and others have argued, in many parts of Europe the crisis of citizenship and migration has become a leitmotif in public discourse. Migrants from Africa and the Arab world in particular have come to stand for the negative effects of globalisation and the threat to citizenship prerogatives. At the same time, Europe and the US are not the only destinations of African migration, and many have ventured in alternative directions in the Global South, such as to South Africa, the Gulf States, China, India and Brazil. Here as well, the arrival of migrants from Africa and elsewhere has engendered public responses and policy measures. So far, however, they seem to have received only limited attention in academic research. We therefore invite contributions that focus on African migration and mobilities to destinations in the Global South as well as comparative analyses that highlight the commonalities and differences with migration regimes in the Global North. Presentations should address one or more of the following themes:


Public discourse and/or media representation of African migration and mobilities Policy measures in view of African migration Migrants’ responses and coping strategies Migrants’ perspectives on citizenship and civil entitlements Assessments of different migration and mobility regimes.


Michaela Pelican / Tilo Grätz